What is Your Big Picture?

Every trader must see their big picture. At SMB we make trading decisions based upon three factors: Reading the Tape, Technical Analysis, and Intraday Fundamentals. We teach our traders to think of a big circle with each of these factors inside. How do you determine your big picture?   Today during an informal discussion one of our new SMB Training … Read More

Traders Ask: How Do You Record Your Trading Screens?

Reader John asked: Mike, I just got done reading your book and I loved it. I thought it was the best trading book I have read. I have been a full time prop trader for 6yrs. and read a lot of books and found yours extremely valuable and enjoyable. Your book spoke directly to me as a very active prop … Read More

A Conversation on a Prop Desk

Trader Casey,”Bella what do you think of my OCR short at 22.50 today?” “What was your plan?” I asked. “I wanted to catch the move from 22.50 to 22.10, the next level.” “What was your stop?” “Bella it was 22.52.” “You probably would have needed a stop of 22.66 for that play to work consistently. So you would have had … Read More

Aint Nothing But a Trading Thing

Yesterday one of our new traders stopped into my office frustrated, looking for a pick me up and wisdom. I provided neither….. purposely. And these moments are always a little awkward as the trader waits for the wisdom and I purposely withhold. I imagine them wondering I think I just stumped Bella. Often I will change the subject, in this … Read More

Traders Ask: How Do I Make Adjustments?

I received the following email from trader Angel: Hey Mike! I hope that my email finds you well. I have topic that may benefit some other readers as well. It’s about re-inventing the wheel. Back in april and early may I was trading very well. I had multiple $1,000 days and even a $3,000 day. However, when the volatility increased … Read More

Choosing a Book Title

I am now at the end of the process for my trading book with Wiley.  My book discusses why traders fail and succeed as prop traders.  It offers an inside looking into the highly competitive world of proprietary trading.   I share what the market has taught me over the past twelve years.  I introduce characters, traders some who have … Read More

Good on Paper (GOP): Be Respectful

I just handed in my manuscript for One Good Trade to Wiley. I am relieved to have this behind me. During my editing process I discarded some humorous anecdotes that just did not quite fit with my book. I thought you might enjoy this one interview I had with a prospective prop trader candidate. GOP: Be Respectful This next interview occurred … Read More