Using VWAP to gain a trading edge

Newer traders often ask us “which indicators are best?” Maybe you have one or more of these indicators on your chart: MACD Bollinger Bands RSI Stochastics SMA EMA Parobolic SAR and on and on and on It must be very confusing for the new and developing trader to find technical analysis tools to gain a trading edge.  It must be … Read More

The VWAP Trade ($AFSI)

During SMBU’s most recent The PlayBook Checkup with Bella we discussed: Consolidation Below VWAP-Oversold Stock with Morning Pop. This trade will introduce you to VWAP as an indicator for short-term trading. We discuss how to determine your risk for A+, B, and feeler traders. The principle of The Uncertainty Trade is explained. We hope you enjoy the video of this … Read More

Traders ask: VWAP?

A brief look at VWAP: what it is, how to calculate it, and some ideas for how you might use it in your trading.