Trading Lesson: Shorting A Momentum Stock–TSLA

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In this video I discuss a short setup and trade I made on Friday March 27th. The trade lined up on multiple time frames and presented a good opportunity for intra-day, swing and options traders. Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, forex and futures. He has traded professionally … Read More

What Is “Price Action” Confirmation?

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I wanted to share a few trades that I executed this morning based on setups discussed in our AM Meeting. Two of the three trades were executed using programmable “scripts” to make it easier for me to manage many positions simultaneously. Once these positions are opened I can trade out of them manually or allow the scripts to continue to … Read More

Trading Lesson–How To Identify A Long Term Bottom

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In a bull market there are many stocks that drop 10, 20, 30% or more prior to resuming a strong up trend. An important skill is being able to identify likely turning points in market leading stocks. By doing so you can greatly increase the risk/reward for long entries on your intra-day and swing long positions. _________________ Steven Spencer is the … Read More

Eight Things I Learned From John Lee

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Special Guest Post from @travisharbauer John Lee, professional trader and host of “Charts Gone Wild” on StockTwits TV, spoke with SMB traders Friday afternoon, and below are eight things I learned from his discussion: [1] Keep it simple; don’t trade using an overcomplicated strategy. Lee’s 13-year-old cousin profitably uses his strategy and she’s learning more about the markets everyday. [2] … Read More