Two Essential Pitfalls to Avoid with Your Trading (SMBU Daily Video)

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In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore shares two pitfalls to avoid with your trading.

In this video you will learn:

  • What we look for when hiring new traders
  • Which trades result in huge losses for experienced traders
  • How to gain news edge

We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills.

– SMBU Team

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One Comment on “Two Essential Pitfalls to Avoid with Your Trading (SMBU Daily Video)”

  1. Loss of Self-Control Pitfalls to Regulate:

    Mistake to eliminate: Fading a Strong Stock of the Day (NFLX)You Shouldn’t Be Fading on Positive News after 10:30am . good point. positive news release pattern time of day, stock is too high, seduced into fading repeatedly, on its way to close HOD. See the tree… now go bang your head against it, until it moves in your direction… ouch.
    I made a similar error fading mid morning HOD on (UA) a few months ago. Before that I was on a roll… and pressed my lucked thinking I’d chip away at building some more profits on a stock that was so obviously overextended… but the opposite happened. I think the intermittent reinforcement of getting one countertrend leg right… seduced me into thinking “oh I got this..” when it was to get me.
    Fortunately, I had my asset allocation stable… so I did not loose big, after a handful of losses… but gave up handsome profits earned earlier.. And the quality of my day went from sunshine to a feeling like a cocaine crazed rat on the hamster wheel chasing a tree.

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