6 critical trading lessons from crazy $CAR

These are crazy times to trade and $CAR was crazy for even this market.  This is what traders on our desk are saying about this market and this most recent $CAR trading opportunity. One elite trader at our firm in an AAR (After Action Report) to other select elite traders described these trading times this way: What a crazy time … Read More

This trader’s trading journey……continuing

It hit my inbox.  Delta boasting that I could be seated in a Virgin lounge (their partner) 10 minutes after drop off at Heathrow airport in London.  Something about a private entrance and private security and clear directions to this private drop off.  10 minutes through security as an american in Europe?  Was this possible? I asked my London Black … Read More

Weekend learning for traders from SMB

Here are the top learning links from us this week.  We hope they help your trading. 3 trade examples using our most effective trading indicator- Reading the Tape Why do stocks completely reverse on Day 2 How to think about Reading the Tape This trader wants it all and wants it now Two different paths to improved trading consistency How … Read More

Weekend trading lessons from the prop desk at SMB

Below we share some videos to help you improve your trading this weekend.  It is the work we do when markets are closed that shapes trading performance in real-time. “You can be better tomorrow than you are today!”- Mike Bellafiore Weekend video trading lessons from SMB The worst trade of the week 5 things profitable traders do How to profit … Read More

Trade Review–WMT HD SPY

The top In Play names this morning: WMT was my focus as the lowering of FY19 guidance was potentially a very strong catalyst. Early indications from pre-market trading were many traders were attempting to dump the stock ahead larger selling that would come after the opening bell. You can see my discussion of WMT in the AM Meeting here. With … Read More

Why I Game Plan Every Day

Every morning when I arrive at SMB’s office in midtown Manhattan I have a pre-market routine. The routine serves two purposes: 1) To get me in the proper frame of mind to attack the markets and 2) Ensure that I’m in the best risk/reward stocks and setups. Here is a brief outline of my pre-market process: Login to trading platform … Read More