Putting a Trade Together

Here is a checklist I use for developing an intra-day trade idea. If the answer to the first two items is YES then I continue down the list to develop a trading thesis. If NO then I don´t trade the stock. Identify if it has a strong catalyst–a strong catalyst often leads to heightened volatility (movement) which is necessary for … Read More

Inside The Trading Vault – The ES_F

Trading Vault Concept – “Trading charts profitably and with consistency depends on how well the trader understands the current market structure and relationships between buyers and sellers.  Once we understand these formations and structures, we become much more capable of creating our own consistent strategies that perform with a high degree of reliability and consistently.”   Trading the ES_F overnight and … Read More

Why I’ll Be Trading Netflix Tomorrow

Netflix is the undisputed heavyweight champion of momentum stocks. Many have the false impression this makes it a great stock to trade on a daily basis. Oh contraire! For years its intra-day behavior has been quite erratic. But occasionally it sets up quite well. And when it does you should pay attention. Tomorrow, NFLX will begin trading split adjusted 7:1. … Read More

Long BABA Again

BABA reported solid earnings in early May causing it to gap above 85. On Friday I got long at 85.20 with a stop below 84.50. If it can close above 87.50 next week I would be willing to hold it for a longer term move back into the 90s. Sellers are in control right now so I could get stopped … Read More