Risk Management for New Traders

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In our daily video Seth Freudberg discusses risk management advice for new traders. Some key points made by Seth: Get into mindset that you will be in your job for a few more years at least. Trading options can stay in your current job as long as you have internet access 3-5 times per day. Find options strategy that works … Read More

Lessons learned in Chicago from experienced traders

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Lessons Learned in Chicago From Experienced Traders from smbcapital   This week I visited Chicago and with experienced traders covering different products and in different structures.  I visited with traders at hedge funds, prop firms, broker dealers, trading education centers, independent traders, exchanges, and institutions.  These seasoned veterans expressed their ideas in options, futures, stocks, automated trading, and international markets.  … Read More

Careful aggressive traders

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I love aggressive traders.  Firms love aggressive traders. There is trader lore and real-history of firms testing for that fabulously aggressive trader trait (if it exists). Then there is these times.  Markets when the aggressive trader takes his beating from Mother Market for being overly aggressive. The holidays are coming.  It’s not earnings season.  Traders are sitting around, re-clicking ESPN … Read More

Pro Traders Have This in Common

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The best traders in the world have something in common. More interesting than that… it’s something that struggling traders do not think is all that important. Not only do the best traders in the world share this trait; it’s also common to see this trait in top professional athletes, artists, world renown musicians, etc. Just like amateur traders — amateur … Read More

Options Strategies for Day Traders

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In our SMBU Daily Video, learn options strategies day traders can use. In this video from Seth Freudberg, you will learn: How equity traders can benefit from options income strategies during less volatile markets The basic concepts of call and put options Example of a put credit spread trade in GOOG We hope this video helps you improve your trading … Read More

SMB meeting traders in Chicago

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A quick note to share that I will be in Chicago Monday April 11 and 12 meeting traders.  Our firm backs discretionary and automated traders, offering proprietary technology and assuming all capital trading risk.  We trade stocks, options, futures and automated trading.  SMB, in its JV with Kershner Trading Group, also teaches traders from scratch to consistently profitable, who fit … Read More