Traders Ask: How to Recognize Real Order Algos

gmanGilbert Mendez's (Gman's) Blogs9 Comments

Yesterday we received an inquiry from a reader regarding algos. Read the inquiry below: Hi. I have been trading for  nine years now and one of my biggest strengths is tape reading. However, the algo programs are absurd these days. How does the Gman distinguish real buying from some program just market making a stock? Also, it seems like the programs are more in … Read More

A Trader’s Mentality

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I spent seven years with the firm where I began my trading career. Little did I know it at the time but I was surrounded by an unusually high number of very talented traders. One of the traits that they shared was an attitude that they would take out from the market as much money as they possibly could every … Read More

Learning From Other Traders

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New traders at SMB can learn from themselves, their mentor and their peers. Here at SMB we have many guys that are obsessed with trading. Every chance we get, we talk about different plays, how we traded them, how much size we thought was reasonable, and how we could have traded that play differently. I want to highlight the importance … Read More