Pro Traders Have This in Common

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The best traders in the world have something in common. More interesting than that… it’s something that struggling traders do not think is all that important.

Not only do the best traders in the world share this trait; it’s also common to see this trait in top professional athletes, artists, world renown musicians, etc.

Just like amateur traders — amateur artists, athletes, and musicians do NOT share this trait with the top performers in their respective fields.

Wouldn’t you want to add at least one thing that the best-in-the-world think is important that the rest-of-the-world doesn’t think is all that important? Then here it is:

The best traders in the world are relentless about modeling success.

Let’s break that down:

The best traders are those that don’t just create a living from their efforts… they excel in a craft that the brightest and best fail at on a regular basis.

are relentless in finding the strategies, edges, software, tools, teams, information, connections, energy, lifestyle, etc.

at modeling success; that is to figure out who is achieving the results that they want and getting the information from them to make it happen for themselves.

Unsuccessful traders don’t relentlessly pursue modeling… rather they aimlessly chase ideas.

The training at SMB comes from modeling what we know works best. Whether its John Locke’s options strategies, the upcoming DNA course (by invitation only), or Bruce Bower’s notable success managing 9-figures; SMB models the success for you and makes it easier than ever to use these models for yourself.

Give SMB a shot. You won’t regret it.


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