This is what a professional trader looks like

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It’s 7:27PM EST on Thursday night, I throw my backpack over my shoulder and head home for the night.  As I close my office door at our proprietary trading firm, I notice a trader still at the office.   That’s him, last night in that picture above. This is what a professional trader looks like. Let me be clear about … Read More

Pro Traders Have This in Common

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The best traders in the world have something in common. More interesting than that… it’s something that struggling traders do not think is all that important. Not only do the best traders in the world share this trait; it’s also common to see this trait in top professional athletes, artists, world renown musicians, etc. Just like amateur traders — amateur … Read More

John Locke: Learn how to become a professional trader through the M21 Options Trading System

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Yesterday, John Locke returned to the Options Tribe to discuss how options traders can wind up on an options trading desk by becoming skilled at the M21 Options Trading System. Unfortunately the recording on the meeting was corrupted but we have the powerpoint available. Enjoy! The SMB Options Training Program is a program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders … Read More

Tools of the Trade

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The best short term traders have a multitude of ways to make money.  They are able to recognize patterns on the Box, they will take advantage of great technical setups, or they may identify the overall strength/weakness of the market on any given day. Today I was unable to trade due to a never ending flu.  I don’t have access … Read More