This is what a professional trader looks like

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It’s 7:27PM EST on Thursday night, I throw my backpack over my shoulder and head home for the night.  As I close my office door at our proprietary trading firm, I notice a trader still at the office.   That’s him, last night in that picture above.

This is what a professional trader looks like.

Let me be clear about my point as I am not just advocating for traders to put in long hours.  This trader was doing so much more than that.

I walked over to his desk and asked, “What are you working on?”

The trader said,”I am doing a PlayBook trade of my best trade.”

A PlayBook trade is a thorough review of a trade that makes sense to you. This trader had made his best trade to date recently.  He was reviewing this trade in voluminous detail.

Again this trader was not just working hard.  He was working hard on a trading edge.  He was working hard on a trade that worked for him.  He was working hard on a trade that his mentor had taught and for which he has undeniable statistical edge.  The trader was working hard on ways he could have made more from this trade with edge.

So if you want to know what a professional trader look like.  See the photo above.

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2 Comments on “This is what a professional trader looks like”

  1. I have another job, and I have only 1 hour a day to do my best. The first hour of futures market in Brazil, when the equilites market is closed yet. Low volume, few oportunities. In the beginning, I thought it was impossible! Everyday I record my trades, review at night, write the most importante facts of the day. I begin at november/14 and now, 13 months after that i’m becoming profitable!! Your book, Mike, helps me a lot!! Thank you!! Now I’m improving my english to do a pay training with SMB!!

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