The trade that propelled one trader to start winning

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I have been there. Failing and looking for a way to break out as a trader. I first did back in the late 90′s with one setup- The Relative Strength Trade. Our newest High Performing Trader was there and found a way to break out as a trader. He trades almost exclusively one setup. That one setup has propelled his … Read More

3 steps to win as a trader

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In a previous post, I suggested this video on how to win, by Brett Ledbetter. How do we apply the lessons from this video of performance wisdom and apply it to our trading, so we improve? How does this video help us win as a trader? Consider three simple steps to improve as a trader and start winning: 1) Determine … Read More

Here is how you win as a trader

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Below is wonderful video for you to watch to help build your inner coach from Brett Ledbetter.   Take 15 minutes and watch it this weekend.  It will give you many ideas to improve as a trader. Now the subject matter in this video is sports performance.  Sports after all is a performance game.  Trading is also a performance game.  … Read More

Why this trader succeeded while most fail

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Recently, I exchanged emails with a successful prop trader at a Tier 1 firm.  I have known him since he was deciding whether to pursue trading, while still in college.  We have kept in touch during his trading career.  He has become a *very* successful trader. I asked him to share his thoughts on why he became successful.  Here is … Read More

This Trader Wanted to Quit

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Mike Bellafiore, noted author and founding partner of SMB Capital tells a story of an ambitious young trader that he met while giving a presentation at a university. This trader entered the professional trading world a few years later at just the wrong time. He was ready to throw in the towel — but he stuck it out for a … Read More

What troubles me about this trader

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I had a conversation with a new trader today and shared my observations of his trading career. Here is what I liked: He has the ability.  He possesses the ability to process information quickly.  He has the ability to make fast decisions.  This was clear during his firm interview and persists after his start. He has an outsized interest in … Read More

A day in the life of a professional trader

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Yesterday our education division, SMBU, held a webinar: A day in the life of a trader.  The purpose was to share best practices for traders to turn into habit so they trade better. If traders do all the things necessary to improve, then they can improve.  As I give this presentation, I have an internal conversation with myself. I really … Read More

Why this trader got sent home

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Yesterday we sent home a trader. Why? To cement a small win from him which he can build. The trader is just passing over his Year1 mark into Year2.  This is the year where there are PnL expectations.  At our firm our data suggests most traders experience significant improvement in Year2.  Yesterday he was having one of his best days.  … Read More