Here is how you win as a trader

Below is wonderful video for you to watch to help build your inner coach from Brett Ledbetter.   Take 15 minutes and watch it this weekend.  It will give you many ideas to improve as a trader.

Now the subject matter in this video is sports performance.  Sports after all is a performance game.  Trading is also a performance game.  So we can take from this video and apply it to our trading for performance gains.


  • Your inner voice can help or ruin your career.
  • Stress comes from not being present and worrying about the past or future.
  • To get to the next level, do an amazing job of where you are at presently.
  • Success can be found in your daily agenda.
  • Document everything you do each day.
  • Pick two things you will do better each day.
  • Focus on the process to improve.
  • “I know if I mess up, I learn from it and get better.”  Kevin Durant
  • Winning is a not a result.  Winning is a process that is driven by character.

I love the challenge here to choose your ultimate goal.  Then develop a process to achieve this goal.  And then next, and this is where this video breaks new ground in performance for me, determine what character skills you will have to build to follow through with your process.

After watching this video, I would love to know @mikebellafiore what ideas you now have to improve your trading.

And a huge HT to @speerothekid for spotting this superb video for us.

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