The trade that propelled one trader to start winning

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I have been there. Failing and looking for a way to break out as a trader. I first did back in the late 90′s with one setup- The Relative Strength Trade.

Our newest High Performing Trader was there and found a way to break out as a trader. He trades almost exclusively one setup. That one setup has propelled his trading career. We call it the High Beta Technical Consolidation Trade.

This trader did not attend an Ivy League School.

This trader did not play D1 athletics.

This trader’s dad does not play golf with the head of GS.

He is not a genius coder.

He has found a trade with edge that works for him. He has internalized that trade so he can trade it with massive size when it visits.

He has added variables to this trade that give him edge. He has added a news catalyst to his trade. He has added a very specific ascending triangle consolidation pattern for longs and a descending triangle consolidation pattern for shorts.

When this pattern strikes, it’s risk on. 30k share positions are the norm.

This pattern has been expanded from High Beta names to Stocks In Play with continued success. It is one trade of ten, that will be taught in the new The Winning Trader- starting June 1.

There were and are weekends in the office studying this trade. There were and are weekends in the office pouring through saved chart patterns to extract the exact variables for risk on. There were set backs of drawdown, followed with resilience to win. The set backs fueled a refined trade, even better than before.

We are at the office at SMB working on our trading game for the upcoming week. It’s hot as heck as the central AC is off on this holiday. The ice originally filling my green tea is no more. But there are traders working. There are traders striving to find their niche and refine trades learned and uncovered. The work today for some of them will find that trade that propels them to win.

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