Learning from the rip in Tesla

This week we wrote about how we were hawking a Tesla Bounce Trade.  See Four keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade. Friday we took that trade.  And we took a rip.  See Taking a Rip in Tesla. This weekend we challenged our traders to consider why the trade failed.  See Why did we take a rip in Tesla? Look the rip … Read More

Improve YOUR trading this weekend with these proven educational videos

One Tape Reading Exit Strategy Every Traders Must Add To Their Trading An Intriguing Presidential Election Options Strategy The Smartest Dumb Trade You’ll Ever Make 4 Reasons this New Trader Impressed Us How to Become Consistently Profitable Trader (like you deserve to be) (SMB Classic)

Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How to make an easy, quick, and highly profitable stock trade by Reading the Tape The Monster Trader Review An easy one day options strategy How to solve your idiotic trading (caused by not making enough $$ in your smartest trade ideas) How to make trades that fit your unique talents so you actually profit *no relevant positions Important disclosures

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

Surprising advice from a Senior Trader (critical to your success) Improve your edge (or gain one) with this overall market analysis technique An introduction to how we use Tape Reading to make profitable trades (Twitter) Ten things I wish I knew before I started trading options Everything you NEED to know before placing a trade (assuming you don’t want to … Read More

Trading Lesson: $HLF

In this video Steve offers two trading tips on how to improve your results. 1) The importance of being present throughout the trading day 2) Using tape reading to add to a position in a very low risk way Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University and has traded professionally for 16 years. His email is … Read More

Tape Reading Was Money For This Play

On Thursday I was short MCP because it was trading below its two day support of 22.20. The market was having a trend down day and I was very comfortable holding the position until the close. But then something changed on the tape. There was a 100 share bid on ARCA at 21.20 that was being hit and continued to refresh … Read More

A Tape Trade–URBN

I make trading decisions based on 3 factors: Tape (order flow), Technicals (trend, support, resistance) and Catalysts (News). The least understood of the three is the Tape. It is a skill that takes thousands of screen hours to develop. But once developed it is a skill that enhances the risk/reward of your trades and often enables you trade with larger … Read More

A Tape Trade

One of the questions I receive most often is regarding trades based strictly on the tape. These occur far less frequently than in years past because of the masking of buyers/sellers by the HFTs but they still do occur from time to time. This morning I was trading AMLN on the Open as it was In Play due to an … Read More