A Tape Trade

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One of the questions I receive most often is regarding trades based strictly on the tape. These occur far less frequently than in years past because of the masking of buyers/sellers by the HFTs but they still do occur from time to time. This morning I was trading AMLN on the Open as it was In Play due to an … Read More

Why I Was Long NFLX

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The other day I tweeted that I was long NFLX and short SPY and that it felt kind of “weird”. I wrote “weird” because the easy money trading NFLX had been on the short side for over a month and at the time the SPY was in a multi-week uptrend. As an intraday trader I often will take trades that … Read More

NYC Style Salsa Dancing and Tape Reading

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LOL …. Salsa dancing and tape reading? Am I serious? Have I lost my mind?  Grab your dance shoes I’m serious. NYC style salsa dancers believe they are the best salsa dancers in the world. The style they dance is called On2. The On2 style allows for the performance of intricate turns and steps within a small space. The steps … Read More