You are trading too many stocks (new traders)

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You have always wanted to trade for a living.  You don’t want a boss.  You want unlimited upside with your income.  You don’t want your pay determined by office politics.  You want to be paid based on what you are worth and what you produce.  You love figuring out the daily puzzle that is the market.  You love trading. The … Read More

Everything you need to know before you place a trade in a stock (assuming you want to become a successful trader)

BellaBella Daily Update

We were in our training room in Midtown Manhattan during our 11AM mentoring session, reviewing TSLA from the opening session.  Kinda a big trading opportunity for those following markets lately.  One new trader had traded it, but not particularly well.  I asked him why he chose TSLA.  And he rattled off what he thought was the news catalyst in the … Read More

Some Answers on Risk/Reward, Stock Selection, and Time Frame

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Hey Mr. Spencer. I was a participant in the SMB-U webinar on Tuesday morning and I have some clarifying questions I hope you could answer. 1. You discussed the importance of only trading securities with 1/5 risk reward. I understand the concept, but I’m not sure I understand how those levels are quantified. What I thought was being said was … Read More

Trading Lesson: Finding The Best Trading Opportunities

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Every morning I create a written game plan with 8-10 stocks that I believe will offer the best risk/reward trading setups. The game plan is divided into two categories: Fresh News/In Play Stocks and Second Day/Technical Plays. As I was creating today’s game plan I began to feel a small level of anxiety as I wondered how to hone in on … Read More

How Do You Find The Best Stocks to Trade?

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Hi Mike… quick question…. while your probably constantly reevaluating throughout the day, would you say its common for SMB to come up with another set of “in play stocks” for afternoon trading, or do you tend to stick with the original ideas from the morning? thanks for all your advice and thoughts. @mikebellafiore 1. We are experts in choosing the … Read More