When A Stock Is Crushed

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When a negative catalyst causes a stock to gap lower 20% or more it attracts a lot of attention. Should we look for a bounce? Should we stay short and look for more downside? Here are some things to consider Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, forex and … Read More

Video: How to Short A High Flying Stock

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This is one of the videos from our recent series on “How to Be Wrong and Still Book Profits”. Calling tops is generally frowned upon. But this strategy quite possibly may be the safest way to take a counter trend position. No relevant positions. Hypothetical trades are simulated using historic market data. Option Risk Disclosure.

$NDX Iron Condor Trading

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This week, Seth Freudberg, SMB’s Options Training Director, speaks with our summer college program participants, drilling down deeper into the trade management of an $NDX iron condor trade. Enjoy the video! Seth Freudberg Director, SMB Options Training Program The SMB Options Training Program is an eight-month program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders who are seeking an intensive … Read More

I Start My Stock Selection Here

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It’s officially earnings season. We trade in interesting times. How can you not love the Ackman HLF Dump Summit? Most of us on the desk were trading $HLF and piped into his presentation via livestream.com. NFLX reported and got beat up offering a series of excellent risk/reward trades for the short term trader. HOG got hit reporting shipments will be … Read More

The Stock of the Day: $BIOF

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In this short video Steve discusses $BIOF, a stock from this morning’s AM Meeting. Every morning he reviews the market and analyzes the stocks that are in-play and likely to have second-day moves. Turns out $BIOF was a huge mover off the $4.00 level Steve had mentioned in this morning’s AM Meeting. You can get more calls like this on a … Read More