I Start My Stock Selection Here

It’s officially earnings season. We trade in interesting times. How can you not love the Ackman HLF Dump Summit? Most of us on the desk were trading $HLF and piped into his presentation via livestream.com. NFLX reported and got beat up offering a series of excellent risk/reward trades for the short term trader. HOG got hit reporting shipments will be … Read More

The Stock of the Day: $BIOF

In this short video Steve discusses $BIOF, a stock from this morning’s AM Meeting. Every morning he reviews the market and analyzes the stocks that are in-play and likely to have second-day moves. Turns out $BIOF was a huge mover off the $4.00 level Steve had mentioned in this morning’s AM Meeting. You can get more calls like this on a … Read More

Stock Manipulation: Profit From Others’ Duplicity

A common refrain I hear from various commentators is the “market is rigged” and therefore it is hopeless to make a living actively trading or investing. In this video I discuss two recent situations where I suspected there was trading activity based on “insider information” or advance knowledge of potential large moves and how to trade these scenarios as a … Read More

How Do You Determine How Far a Stock Can Move?

Hi Bella, I have a question. I noticed in one of your blog posts a comment from one of your traders during trade review. Specifically it was a statement anticipating somewhat of a certain length move based on daily avg volume/relative volume compared to ATR. Now, I realize there are many things that move a stock- but my question is … Read More

A Reason2Sell in $EPXR (If Your Stock Breaks the Uptrend)

This week I’ve written a series of posts on ways to exit your winning trades. We have discussed exiting because of a Time Stop, if an important intraday level is established, and when a stock hits your target. Today we will highlight another example of a Reason2Sell: if a stock breaks the uptrend. If a stock breaks the uptrend this … Read More

Stock Selection

I received an email yesterday from a reader who asked if I could discuss why we choose to avoid certain stocks. What I would first like to address is the idea of stock selection in general. At SMB we have a very specific methodology to select the best stocks for intraday trading. As most who have read our blog on … Read More