A Visit to the Prop Desk- @allstarcharts (Video)

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JC Parets, @allstarcharts, is a market technician and stopped by SMB Capital to chat with our College Training Program students and newest traders about the benefits of technical analysis. He is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, Business News Network, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance among other financial media outlets. One of our traders summarized the key concepts that … Read More

Stock Selection (Video)

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Have you ever felt you were a better trader than you were showing? In One Good Trade, Bella wrote, “You are only as good as the stocks you trade.” If you are in the wrong stocks, your trading data does not reflect your trading potential. Finding the best stocks is a skill.You can improve your stock selection, which may then … Read More

SMB In-House 3 Day Trading Camp

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SMB is holding an In-House 3 Day Trading Camp this August, with a focus on helping traders improve in 5 Key Areas: Stock Selection Technology Process Edge Your edge reviewed by a partner We hope you enjoy the video below introducing this new training program! [useful_banner_manager banners=9 count=1] – SMBU Team No relevant positions

I Start My Stock Selection Here

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It’s officially earnings season. We trade in interesting times. How can you not love the Ackman HLF Dump Summit? Most of us on the desk were trading $HLF and piped into his presentation via livestream.com. NFLX reported and got beat up offering a series of excellent risk/reward trades for the short term trader. HOG got hit reporting shipments will be … Read More

How Do I Simplify My Trading? – Part 2

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Dear Mr. Bellafiore, My name is (deleted), and I’ve contacted you in the past. One of our conversations ended up on your blog and eventually made it into your book (http://www.smbtraining.com/blog/should-this-trader-make-a-comeback). Your responses to my inquiries have always been courteous and insightful, so I’m turning to you once again for some more advice. With the full support of my spouse, … Read More