Clean Up Print

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Back in the day trading NYSE stocks and learning to read the Specialist prints one thing we used to look for was the “Clean Up Print”. This was usually the print on an intraday gap in the direction of the immediately preceding trend with big volume. This was a sign of a floor broker possibly finishing working the order and … Read More

Notice, Explore, Execute

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This morning we noticed that shortly after the open CF hit my new low of the day ticker. Hmmm…a market leader getting sold right away into a gap up in the SPY and continued strength in the SPY. I took “Notice”. A little later we see it again, this time joined by MOS, AGU and some others from the sector. … Read More

Back to the future

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The future’s on it’s way, the past is gone Old and rusted, with your busted bones Break the crystal ball, you’re on your own Wipe away the fear of the unknown Now, here we go, on with the show Makin’ our way, just living for today It’s in my sight, and the time is right For takin’ a bow, into … Read More

And the Probability Is……Part 2

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You see the chart pattern or play but the action before does count. Take a stock that trades down off the open then consolidates forming a nice support line. This line breaks so the chart says sell it short. Seems like a high probability trade right? But what if its 12:30 pm? Do you think the fact that its lunch … Read More