Find an ATM and Use It!!

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Do you have a stock that due to both technical and fundamental reasons  has traded in pretty much one direction for weeks or months? I do…for the last few months it’s RIMM. I have RIMM on my screen everyday and I know exactly how it feels, moves and reacts. I play it virtually every day and use it like my … Read More

Happy Buddha Says

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An email from a new trader: Hi Bella, My Weekly Goal: 1. Being patient to wait for great setups to get aggressive 2. Trade 200 shares responsibly on excellent R/R setups 3. Go over entire Reading The Tape lectures again 4. Recognize bigger picture and trade stocks that move away from prices 5. Get more well-rounded in this new market … Read More

Discipline, Focus and Patience

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The above three words have been written about many times by Bella and Steve and you have read about them in countless other places. Becoming consistently profitable in day trading requires the knowledge and use of all three! I would like to give a simple thought from my trading yesterday intertwining the three principles… At one point yesterday if you … Read More

A better stop

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A frustrated new trader stepped into my office to discuss a few specific trades from yesterday. He got wicked out of a good short in CVC and a few longs in C into the close. He was looking for some guidance. First there were a lot of things this new trader did well. He was in the right stocks. He … Read More