My Thought Process: $FB

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Before I start to break down each StockTweet I want to share some background information for this trade. FB reported a huge fundamental shift in their most recent earnings report on July 24th. FB’s mobile revenue as a percentage of its total revenue doubled. This was a game changing piece of information as the largest impediment to FB’s stock performance … Read More

NFLX is the New AMZN?

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Netflix is the new Amazon. What does this mean? It means for the foreseeable future hedge funds will step in and buy this name on every large dip and it will continue to have huge breakouts after periods of consolidation. Why is this the case? In the case of AMZN it got enough large players in the market to buy … Read More

Mastering Breakouts: Do You Have a System to Identify and Trade Breakouts?

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I read a statistic several years ago that the majority of what traders call “breakouts” fail. For this very reason there are algorithmic trading programs that fade breakouts. And there are some manual traders who love to fade all breakouts as well. There are many others who like to load up in the direction of the breakout 100% of the … Read More