Find an ATM and Use It!!

Do you have a stock that due to both technical and fundamental reasons  has traded in pretty much one direction for weeks or months? I do…for the last few months it’s RIMM. I have RIMM on my screen everyday and I know exactly how it feels, moves and reacts. I play it virtually every day and use it like my … Read More

A signal from the tape (RIMM)

With all things algos these days stocks rarely repeat for size at the same price.  Instead of 41.70 just repeating on the offer.  There is some at 70c, some at 71c, some at 73c, some at 77c as the sell algo lifts to see if the buyer will pay higher.  So when find a seller selling at the same price, … Read More

If you love the level you have to reshort

Before the open we identified 55.80 as an important level in RIMM.  I will let you decide how important this level was to you.  But I will make an important trading point.  If you love a level then you have to be willing to trade off of this level a few times.  RIMM is an excellent example from today. Many … Read More

The Power of Trading Skillz (RIMM 72)

The modern science of elite performance has taught us that reading and watching videos is not going to make us a great trader. Anyone interested in the markets can read a chart in RIMM and recognize the 71.80 and 72 levels. I call this acquiring domain knowledge. And that is important. And certainly RIMM is a Trade2Hold above 72. Oh … Read More


Bella discusses how RIMM behaved after it cleared an important resistance level from the prior day

Trade of the Day- RIMM

Bella discusses the trade in RIMM today when it cleared the key 71.80 and 72 Long-Term resistance levels