Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How to make an easy, quick, and highly profitable stock trade by Reading the Tape The Monster Trader Review An easy one day options strategy How to solve your idiotic trading (caused by not making enough $$ in your smartest trade ideas) How to make trades that fit your unique talents so you actually profit *no relevant positions Important disclosures

Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

One Bad Trade (a new trader education video series) 5 things you can do to crush earnings season  How to win a bearish trade even when the market rallies How this retail trader went from losing money to trading profitably Scalping: an effective and highly profitable trading strategy *no relevant positions Important disclosures

Live Trading Class Today After the Close

Bella will be teaching a FREE LIVE online trading class today at 4:15 PM Eastern (NYC).  During this class, you will… Learn about the skill that takes traders to the next level Watch recordings of three real trades that were taken on our proprietary trading desk. See why tape reading is the best leading indicator Discover how to find trades … Read More

Reading the Tape is all you need

Reading the Tape is all you need! For some trades and some traders that is. One savvy trader in an email exchange with veteran traders, said it so well: When we teach our new traders to make trade decisions, we ask them to consider 5 variables: The Big Picture Technical Analysis Reading the Tape Intraday Fundamentals Intuition On most trades … Read More

Is Reading the Tape still important?

  Hi Mr. Bellafiore, I can start by saying this is a huge honor being able to write to a legend as yourself in the world of stock market trading. I read your book One Good Trade and am on the way to reading The PlayBook which are hugely influential course materials on the subject matter of trading as I’m … Read More

A Question on Reading the Tape and Skill Building

Hi Bella, Hope you are well. I’ve been going through the foundation course material and have started working on “reading the tape”.   Can you give some guidance with following two questions? Thanks. 1.      For a new trader is it better to concentrate on one stock and watch the prints and inside box or is it better to concentrate on more … Read More

Using The Tape: $PRGO

Reading the tape is an essential skill for actively day trading.   The tape, also known as the time and sales window, shows the trader important information about order flow.  It is a stream of data on price and volume, which are two important criteria for intra-day trading decisions .  Tape reading takes time to learn and takes practice to understand … Read More