Weekend videos with trading lessons to help you improve (from the prop desk)

How Reading the Tape was used to make a winning trade (GME)

In our YouTube comments section, we are often asked to produce videos teaching how to

Read the Tape.  We listened.  In this video, we show how to use Reading the Tape to make

a winning trade in GME.  It is rare to find a video on Reading the Tape, but this is one of them.

5 examples of how you can wait for your trades to set up

Often traders feel the need to jump into a trade.  This is not necessary.  When you speak with top traders

about when they trade at their best, it is when they SEE the trade.  I walk through 5 examples of how you

can wait for your trades to set up using ideas from an AM meeting.  This video comes live from our training

room in NYC.

How did this junior trader do with his Daily Review?

Cool and new video made by our team at SMB for the trading community.  We check to see if one junior trader

is doing the work he should be with his Daily Review.  Learn if he is in the video here.

How to put a trade together

The very best short-term active trading commentator and my partner at SMB is back again sharing how he puts

a quality trade together.  He does so in detail with recent trade examples.  If you are not following him on Twitter

you are missing out.

When elite active traders go all in

Here is when and why active short-term traders go all in.  Being aggressive is just as important as being consistent

to become an elite trader.  The best traders put risk on at the right moments and shift their focus to being big enough.

I explain in this video from our training room and with our developing traders in NYC.

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