Congratulations Xanthus Capital Management

SMB is very proud to announce that two of our traders have started their own fund: Xanthus Capital Management.  While Connor and G will be missed, we are very excited for them.  And since they live around the corner from our new office, I am sure we will still see plenty of them. G has never had a bad day … Read More

How Teaching Makes Me a Better Trader

Teaching new traders how to trade has made me a better trader.  Below are five things I have learned about trading by teaching. 1) I have cemented the statistically profitable trades that work intraday.  Being forced to teach others trading plays has made me recognize exactly which plays work best for me. 2) Video review with other traders increases my screen time … Read More

An Easier Trade

One our traders came over as I was talking to Jay our hyperkinetic intern about the cool new retweet button he installed on our blog, “Bella do you have a minute.”  As a partner I have learned what can follow could be just about anything.  Previously in the day one of the calmer traders on our desk stormed into my … Read More

AIG Pulls Me Back In

I wasn’t planning on trading AIG.  I thought SEED would consume most of my attention.   Actually I thought I could establish a decent size position in SEED, sit back, and enjoy the ride.  I would let the MoMo hedge fund traders do their thing.  Who am I to get in the way of a low volume market pattern? SEED … Read More

Best Links From the Week

Interesting look at investor sentiment. The exciting future for StockTwits TV. “there is no sharp demarcation between working on yourself as a person and working on yourself as a trader,” Dr. Steenbarger. I really enjoyed “SuperFreaknonics” by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Their latest offers much to think about for those interested in finding cheaper solutions to a myriad of … Read More

Tips for Light Volume Trading Sessions

The volume is light today.  This was expected the day before Thanksgiving.  For those of us who made it into work we need a game plan for these lighter volume sessions.  There is some money to be made but there is more money to be lost with poor trading decisions.  Some ideas: 1) Decrease your tier size.  If normally 1000 … Read More

The Trades of a Professional Intraday Proprietary Trader- CEPH

Last night one our traders Senor Social Media fired off a question about the blog I wrote. “Bella I thought you mentioned that CEPH was a long at 54.50 on the trading floor?” It was.  The trade I outlined in my blog was an A trade.  There were many other trades that I did not discuss in last night’s blog … Read More

An A Trading Set up

So we have all these uber smart guys walking around our desks at SMB.   And they are always asking for more. “Bella how about a review of the best set ups of the month?” Steve is doing that as I write.  I already have learned these set ups so I get to sit it out. Plus I picked out … Read More