FUQI is a perfect example of how we must make trades our own.   How we must develop our own playbook. I am short FUQI from 12.60.   The intraday fundamentals are so compelling TO ME that I am playing FUQI to finish near the low.   My win rate is probably 10 percent for such a set up.  It … Read More


I received this email from Reader David: Good call Bella! Things are really starting to click for me, letting some plays work over the course of 1-3 days has been where I have been making most of my $.  IMAX was a good example last week, i caught 4 points over the course of a week.And this MGM I got … Read More


Bella discusses how RIMM behaved after it cleared an important resistance level from the prior day

Trade2Hold BRK.B (End of Day)

We had been waiting for BRK.B to hold above 80 for a Trade2Hold to perhaps 82.  Friday we almost had the hold above 80 but ran out of time.  80.10 became the new hurdle to clear before BRK.B knocked on the door of 82. Today during one of those times Steve always warns that stocks can move, lunch time, BRK.B … Read More

The Failure Rate of a Proprietary Trader

I remember the discussion like it was yesterday. It was in our former 8×10 makeshift training room/office/conference room/lounge with the first trader who ever failed at SMB Capital. JJ announced he was leaving to take a six-figure job at a financial services company in NYC. But let’s be honest. JJ was leaving because he was not making money as a … Read More

How Do You Spend Your Time?

GMan, Joe P and I traded QCOM After Hours (chop!) and then I hopped on the subway much earlier than usual to head uptown. It was a road trip for SMB to experience Avatar on the IMax with 3D glasses. On my ride uptown I overheard some new day traders from another firm talking. I found their conversation unproductive. Three … Read More

Awesome Links of Late

Darrelle Revis, standout cornerback of the NY Jets, offers another example of the power of deliberate practice. Good news on the jobs front for 2010. Advice on picking stocks for the next decade. For New Year’s Eve I was in AC and caught David Gray in concert. His energy, passion, and his band’s mastery of their craft was inspirational. The … Read More