The Inner Voice of Trading by Michael Martin

I have been anticipating the release of The Inner Voice of Trading for months now. In full disclosure Michael Martin is a friend of mine and I endorsed this project on the back cover. Also, Steve Spencer and I were interviewed for the book. With that out of the way my anticipation stirred mostly because this was a book from … Read More

The Inner Voice of Trading (an excerpt)

Steve and I have both read and are in the excellent new book from Michael Martin, The Inner Voice of Trading.  Below is an excerpt that FT Press was gracious enough to share with our readers.  We have been tweeting about this book of late.  The Inner Voice of Trading has started with terrific reviews here.  Last week it cracked … Read More

The market requires a tuition to participate

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Michael Martin over the past few years. Hands down one of my favorite trading educators on the Street. And it is so entertaining when he shares his stories about other great traders who he knows, has been mentored by or has read about. He is a Wikipedia of trading anecdotes. I … Read More