Unleashing Potential: Empowering Traders through Desk Training

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Yesterday a 30 year market veteran, who has been a part of our trading community for years, stopped by to visit.  He has been struggling with his trading and felt something was just missing.  He wasn’t sure exactly what.  His visit and our discussion about his struggles became so interesting to me.  This retail, developing trader was struggling with the … Read More

40 trading lessons from The PlayBook

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An experienced and successful trader is starting with our desk, powered by Kershner Trading Group, next month. He is one of the more diligent traders you could meet. I have compared him to Tim Tebow in One Good Trade for work ethic. He just powered through One Good Trade and The PlayBook to improve his trading game and better prepare … Read More

The way you express yourself successfully in markets

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I want to share with you an awesome video from Sherri Coale, Head Coach Women’s Basketball, that will make you a better trader.  But exactly how needs some context, so first a few comments. It is really hard to start as a discretionary trader these days. HFTs cut and stop you out of positions. The media has been warning of … Read More

When You Shouldn’t Trade

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There are certain months where traders simply shouldn’t trade because their trading strategy would preclude them from doing so. It is important not to trade in a month where conditions are wrong for your strategy. If your experience and back testing show that you have a negative expectancy when trading, you must follow your system and not trade for the “fun of it” or income. In the long run, a lack of discipline along these lines will hurt your returns badly.