The way you express yourself successfully in markets

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I want to share with you an awesome video from Sherri Coale, Head Coach Women’s Basketball, that will make you a better trader.  But exactly how needs some context, so first a few comments.

It is really hard to start as a discretionary trader these days.

HFTs cut and stop you out of positions.

The media has been warning of a market crash for the past 7 years in a market that has done nothing but trade higher.

There is the constant nonsensical faux fights between long term trading and short term trading, confusing the new trader about how to attack the markets.

There is so much information thrown at new traders on what they need to be successful that won’t help them be successful at all.  And how are they supposed to know.

The reality of the last economic dip steals economic wherewithal to succeed forcing a faster success time frame.

While most still think it’s pretty cool to be a trader, we are still grouped into the bucket of trader- you know the guys who almost caused the economy to crash.

There is constant misinformation from know-nothing, traded for 3-minute experts, spewing garbage like, “The only way to learn to trade is to trade.”  My blood pressure rises just writing that last sentence, in my silent, kids-are-asleep, UWS NYC apartment.

There are the uber-confident, apparently never really traded a day in their lives, pundits espousing certitude after useless certitude about the direction of that stock or this market.  New traders can’t help but think they must obtain that level of confidence they watch on TV from the handsome guy, with the nice hair, sharp suit, and bright white teeth.  After all he is being asked questions by Maria on TV.

But really what new and developing traders need to do is experiment, and fail, and build an infrastructure for every day improvement searching for their niche.  Their niche with edge.  Their niche with edge that highlights their talents.  Their niche with edge, that highlights their talents, which they can work on mastering.

When they get there that is where all the fun can start.

We might say this is the definition of a successful developing trader.

This is your opportunity to express yourself successfully in markets.

Apparently, this is the same in elite level college basketball.  Take a moment and watch Sherri Coale, Head Coach of Oklahoma Women’s Basketball, explain how kids can get really good and more importantly become successful in her game.  It is a video that will help your trading.  It is ten minutes of wisdom, that will reinforce your need to find your niche, the way you express yourself in the markets, and grow from it.

While trading is hard for the new trader, you certainly can find your success.

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