Making Money In The Market Should Never Be This Easy

We are in the heart of earnings season and as short term traders this is where the majority of our attention is focused. But on Friday July 29th there was a major fundamental catalyst in MCRB. Its FDA drug trial had failed. The stock was trading lower more than 50%. By 8AM before the market had opened it had already … Read More

Is the Market Rigged?

In this video Mike Bellafiore answers a question from a reader who believes the market was rigged against him.

Losing Less on Bad Days

What’s your number? In this video Mike Bellafiore discusses why it’s so important to know what your stop-loss number is when you’re down on the day. Traders spend too much time trying to turn a bad trading day into a break-even or positive day. They don’t spend enough time on learning how to turn a positive day into an even … Read More

Backtesting is Way Different from Live Trading

Backtesting is necessary to develop a system but not sufficient to prove YOU can make money. In this video Seth Freudberg discusses: Mid-prices not easy in fast market Testing software data may be imperfect Mid-price may be a distortion—synthetic equivalent may be more accurate. Multiple trades means you may not be attending to the one being tested. Emotion—do you have the strength … Read More

Don’t Trade Options Before 10AM

In this video Seth Freudberg discusses why you shouldn’t trade options before 10AM. You will see what can happen the first 30 minutes of trading. Seth uses an example of May 20th $RUT Index Put and shows you how the price changes based on time of the day. Enjoy the video. * no relevant positions

Be More Confident

In this video Seth Freudberd describes why traders filled with self-doubt will never be successful. Until a trader finds those strategies that he or she is comfortable implementing on a consistent basis, a trader will have a very hard time being successful. Successful traders are not bothered by losses and those losses do not shake the trader’s confidence in his … Read More

Preserving Profits When You Can’t Be At Your Screen

It can be troublesome when a trade is profitable and close to its target profit, yet a big move, unattended, could severely draw down that profit. Occasionally, an options income trader simply can not be at his or her screen. Seth Freudberg discusses a solution to that. Enjoy the video. * no relevant positions

Don’t Trade Like the Three Stooges

In our SMBU Daily video Seth Freudberg discusses why traders who have too many trades on at the same time can not physically handle the adjustments. In fast moving markets, the trader that has too many trades on at the same time can not physically handle the adjustments on many trades at the same time—certain trades will be forced to wait … Read More