Building A Trading Foundation

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In our SMBU Daily video Mike Bellafiore answers a question from one of our readers who has decided to pursue trading late in his career. Most traders begin their career at an early age but we have seen many traders enter the world of trading late in their careers and still succeed. Mike discusses why having a foundation is vital to … Read More

Market Orders on Complex Tickets

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In our SMBU Daily video Seth Freudberg discusses the impact of using market orders when executing complex orders. He discusses why you should never use market orders and why limit orders are the ideal order type when executing an options position. Enjoy the video. * no relevant positions

Adapting to Changing Market Conditions

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

In our SMBU Daily Video, Steven Spencer discusses the range expansions occurring in today’s market. We take a close look at the ranges that have developed in the $SPY over the past months. We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills. Subscribe to SMB’s YouTube to keep updated on new videos! * no relevant positions

Tweaking Our Strategy During Market Volatility

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In our SMBU Daily Video, Seth Freudberg explains how SMB’s Options Trading Desk tweaked its portfolio of monthly trades to adjust to this market environment. Traders need to realize that the market has changed–2016 is much more volatile In these environments, tweaking your portfolio of trades is recommended for retail traders * no relevant positions

A Perfectly Ineffective Hedge

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In our SMBU Daily Video, Seth Freudberg explains a perfectly ineffective hedge. Many options traders buy puts in a panic thinking they will control downside risk in their trades We did a study on weekly options and found that they were incredibly ineffective at controlling downside risk over the last year In fact, traders would have made much more money SELLING … Read More

Market Edges Come and Go

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There are two truths that I’ve observed about trading over my trading career. 1. Trading edges come and go 2. Great traders last    For these two truths to exist simultaneously, it means that great traders cannot depend on a few edges that currently work. Mike Bellafiore has said many times before that the most important aspect of success in … Read More

How Is The Market Reacting To Fear?

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As professional market participants part of our job is to make decisions when real world events spill over into the markets that we are trading. In this video I offer some thoughts on the trading environment following the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris. Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, … Read More