Intraday Reversals Indicate What?

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In the final 3.5 hours of trading Friday we touched 109 three times on the SPY and 110.30 twice. Generally, this type of up down action does not instill much confidence in market participants, and many believe it is a sign of lower prices to come. I’m not in that camp. Someone definitely was dumping a couple of billion dollars … Read More

From the Mailbag – Part 2

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Yesterday Sam asked the following question ….Sam Says: February 25th, 2009 at 7:20pm: What characteristics make a good intraday trading stock?A good intraday trading stock offers you excellent risk/reward opportunities. It is a stock that you can read is about to trade higher or lower. A good intraday stock gives you good prints. A good intraday stock is one that … Read More