The Power of Focus

Most traders have no idea of the amount of progress they can make when they focus all their resources on mastering a single style of trading. Controlled focus is like a laser bean that can cut through the biggest challenges that have been blocking the path to your success. When you focus consistently on the improvement of any one trading … Read More

Properly Setting Your Trading Goals to Lower Stress

As traders we often set some sort of performance “goals”. We might say something like “My goal is to make $5000 per month trading”. There are problems with that goal, the biggest problem being that we don’t actually have control over how much money we make in any given trade. We might have a lot of influence on how much … Read More

Why set goals? Not just in trading but in any part of life?

“Top scientists estimate that we’re bombarded with over 400 billion bits of information every second. There is no way we could possibly pay attention to this much information. It would literally drive us insane. In fact, we are only capable of consciously processing approximately 2,000 bits of information. That’s only 0.0000005% (5 ten-millionths of 1 percent) of the world around us. This means that we … Read More

Seven Goals for This Trader in 2014

Here are my personal goals for 2014: 1) Hit my target weight goal. I had a bit of a health scare this year, when an EKG came back abnormal during a routine life insurance exam. Hitting my target weight is now essential according to my cardiologist. I wear a fitbit to calculate my steps each day. My goal is 10k steps a … Read More

Top Ten Best Things About Being Overworked

10. You miss a lot of bad movies. 9. You are excused for most things no guy ever wants to do with their significant other. 8. You are never bored. 7. Crystallizes what you most enjoy doing. 6. You learn how much your success or failure depends on others. 5. You appreciate how powerful the proper process is. 4. Your … Read More


I received this email from Reader David: Good call Bella! Things are really starting to click for me, letting some plays work over the course of 1-3 days has been where I have been making most of my $.  IMAX was a good example last week, i caught 4 points over the course of a week.And this MGM I got … Read More