Attention College Students!

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Attention Students! Do you want to gain an edge over your peers? Do you want to start preparing for a career in trading? SMB is proud to launch our new SMB College Traders Program website. Please check out some of our unique student opportunities for you What’s better than costume parties, $1 dollar beers, and tailgates? An opportunity to start … Read More

SMB College Training Testimonial

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Every summer, the traders on our desk look forward to the opportunity to work with two groups of college students who are passionate about trading. Although they may attend different universities, major in different subjects, and live in different cities, they all share the common goal of trying to develop an edge in the market. Given the steep learning curve … Read More

How to Get a Trading Job in College

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As a trader who went through the SMB College Training Program previously, and was subsequently hired to trade on the desk in their NYC office, I wanted to write a blog post to answer some questions I’ve received lately. I should also mention that I now head up the College Training Program and it is my sincere hope that I … Read More

Trading In College Using Bella’s Advice

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post addressing the #1 most frequently asked question: How do I get hired on a Trading Desk after graduating? One of the most important things discussed in the last post was to have a Live Trading Track Record to supplement one’s resume – explaining how firms value this type of experience- however … Read More

Déjà Vu: $HTZ

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*****Editor’s note: Jake Huska is a college student working on his trading game. At SMB we believe traders should start working on their trading game early, just like pro athletes. Jake’s posts reflect a better journey toward becoming a pro trader for the college student with a passion for trading.***** About a month ago I shared my trade review for … Read More