Attention College Students!

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Attention Students! Do you want to gain an edge over your peers? Do you want to start preparing for a career in trading? SMB is proud to launch our new SMB College Traders Program website. Please check out some of our unique student opportunities for you

What’s better than costume parties, $1 dollar beers, and tailgates? An opportunity to start trading early and becoming really really good right?


Let’s try this again. What’s better than being bad at your job when you first start upon graduation? Being good at your job? Being farther along the learning curve? Being better than other students trading for the first time upon graduation? Being more likely to land a trading job?

That is probably more like it.

Students have the opportunity to take our training program while they are still in school. This can be done full-time over summer break for a 5 week program.

Are you sure that you want to do equity training but you don’t have the necessary experience? – Try the SMB Student Equity Training Program.

Do you want to come and spend a summer in NYC and get hands-on experience and top-notch training? – Contact us, we are happy to speak with you about our in-house program.

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