The Rise of College Traders

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SMB has five traders for our June class who already have proven active-trading records in college. We getĀ emails from guys making serious money consistently and yet are in college. I have never seen this before. Do you see how many awesome blogs are out there written by college traders? I wrote an article recently about the thirst for trading education … Read More

Attention College Students!

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Attention Students! Do you want to gain an edge over your peers? Do you want to start preparing for a career in trading? SMB is proud to launch our new SMB College Traders Program website. Please check out some of our unique student opportunities for you What’s better than costume parties, $1 dollar beers, and tailgates? An opportunity to start … Read More

Building Your College Trading Club

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Think back to when you first started learning about trading. The potential, the excitement, the learning curve, your firstĀ gain and your first loss. It’s a process we all went through. I read books, blogs, basically anything I could get my hands on. I definitely learned a lot, but looking back on my experiences, I learned the most by going through … Read More