An Exercise 2 Help U Improve as a Trader (RIG)

Today RIG was the easiest of stocks to trade. 55 was the level. RIG dipped below there. And it trended in the most beautiful downtrend. Were you in this trade? I wasn’t. This level was discussed during our AM meeting. Again I wasn’t in this trade. We have discussed this RIG level on our desk for days. Oil was weak. … Read More

Don’t Give Away An Edge

The market had a broad rally on Tuesday.  When we came into the office on Wednesday we cautioned our traders against chasing moves in stocks that could be a bit overextended when the market opened.  Our thought process was to look for safer long entries based on the prior day’s support levels.  I think you probably know how the rest … Read More

An Intraday Reversal (BP)

Tuesday night news hit that a government investigation determined that BP had been spilling closer to 60,000 barrels a day in the Gulf instead of the 35,000 previously thought. This same night President Obama delivered harsh words for BP during his presidential address. The news was very negative for BP heading into today’s session. I started a short position after … Read More

Don’t Let An “Idea” End Your Trading Career

In today’s AM Meeting I mentioned that AMZN has been unusually weak the past couple of days. If it got below 130.50 I thought there would be a lot of momentum longs who would panic and the stock would drop to 128. That trade never materialized. The first move in AMZN was up. The second move in AMZN was up. … Read More

Still An Important Skill…

GOOG announced today that the Nexus 1, their new phone, would be carried on the Verizon network. RIMM started to trade lower. It was already on our radar as a short candidate below 66.50 and 66.20 based on its recent price action. We knew the next major support was not until 65 so it was game on for a short … Read More