SMBU’s Top Options Trader Teaches His Top Options Strategy

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We just pulled up a second Rock Options Strategy recording from our archive and posted for you to watch. We’re taking these two videos down soon. So watch them now.

The first video we posted is a recording from back in May 2013. It looked good then, and the same options trading strategy (with the same rules) is still working two and a half years later.

The second recording that we just posted is a year-end review of how The Rock performed in 2014. Same trade, same rules, same awesome results.

You guessed it… This Wednesday at 4:30 pm Eastern, John is giving us another update on how The Rock has been performing in 2015.

Note: Now through October 30, you can purchase The Rock (and any prerequisite training that you may need) for a significant discount.

Happy Rocktoberfest!

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