How to Develop a More Reliable Trading System

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In this video, Andrew Falde shares some of the common elements that several professional traders at our firm share when it comes to developing trading models and strategies that continue to work in the real world. * no relevant positions

John Locke: Learn how to become a professional trader through the M21 Options Trading System

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Yesterday, John Locke returned to the Options Tribe to discuss how options traders can wind up on an options trading desk by becoming skilled at the M21 Options Trading System. Unfortunately the recording on the meeting was corrupted but we have the powerpoint available. Enjoy! The SMB Options Training Program is a program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders … Read More

Back Testing an Options Strategy

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Note: The following contains hypothetical results; simulated using historic data. As mentioned at a recent SMB Options Tribe meeting; a group of options traders are now working to back test a proprietary momentum signal using a variety of options trades. Several tests have come back with varying results… but we are seeing a common thread for options trades that show low … Read More