She Just Might Say Yes

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Steve and I went to our 20th high school reunion last night.  A few things: 1) they served chocolate chip cookies for dessert and I ate as many as I could until there were no more (delicious!); 2) I witnessed another great example of she just might say yes.  For those on our prop desk in NYC she just might say yes is code for put in your bids and offers.  Place your bids and offers at great prices habitually while you are trading.  You just might get hit on the bid or taken on the offer at very favorable prices.  And as a result you will earn some free money just through this trading fundamental. 

At SMB Capital we like to use the analogy of asking that very attractive young lady who you wish to date for her number.  Hey she just might say yes.  So I am at the reunion and one of the prettiest girls from our high school is there with her husband.  And we are all talking.  And you can’t help but start thinking to yourself: how did that guy get that girl?  And the guy seemed perfectly nice to me.  But I imagine if you asked him he would have no idea why she married him.  But maybe it’s because he asked.

The market is going to continue to be volatile this week.  Remember to place your bids and offers at great prices.  She just might say yes.   

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