TIF, Tiffany & Company, offered opportunity on the Open.  45.35 was the most important level.  Trades off of these points of inflection offer ridiculous risk/reward opportunities.

45.35 was the most important level.  After an initial upmove on the Open 45.05 held the bid.  And then TIF found 45.35 but could not hold a bid at this price.  Repeating white prints (hidden sellers in this case) at 45.35 scrolled across our prints, like a hive of bees swarming honey.  The intraday volume spiked.  No bid could hold 45.35.  And so TIF traded lower.

Finally TIF held above 45.35 and 65 cents of a clean upmove followed.

TIF reversed after a huge battle at 45.89.  Battle to the sellers.  TIF leaked all the way back down to where this all started around 45.11.  I was a bit confused whether this was a support play again from near 45 or we were headed for lower ground.  But I did not have to guess.  TIF above 45.35 signaled strength.

And you can see from the chart TIF had a nice upmove to 45.60, pulled back to guess where?  Yep 45.35.  I wonder why that was?  45.35 was the most important intraday level which we learned from watching the prints on the Open, with volume matching.

A Buy into a pullback to 45.35 as a Trade2Hold would leave you long and $1.30 in the money.  All by using points of inflection.

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