One day in the life of a pro trader

I received this email from a new trader disappointed. I chuckled when I read it. Man have I felt like this trader like every year of my career 🙂

I really got my a$$ handed to me the last two days. I think they are my two worst trading days in terms of net PnL. I basically gave back all of Wednesday’s gains (my best day), and some extra change to boot. Not to be overmelodramatic but these two days really produced a lot of anguish. It’s not so much the $$ amount but the sense of positive progress and consistency being “squandered away”. Now I’m left wondering if I can meet my goals for the month and whether I have to, again, take a step back in my efforts to trade more size. I’m wondering if I have to be more humble with what I can do in this market.

Trading can be one step forward, then two steps backwards. Then a few steps forward. There is never gonna be a time where you are not gonna run into a wall of progress impeded. So now from this psychological doubt and disappointment, can you find a way to make new progress? That is the game. That is the challenge. That is the world of a veteran pro trader.

One Good Trade

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