Now the future of becoming a successful trader is real for this trader

BellaBella Daily Update

In his monthly review, a now consistently profitable trader highlighted a major achievement.

I grossed well over 15k and compared to other months I didn’t incur too many fees (trading commissions and locates). I had many 4 fig days and my biggest day to date of 4k. Month over month I saw huge growth and believe I am on track to achieve my 150 – 300k goal.

Worked off fees and receive paycheck – big milestone for me.

This is huge. Psychologically this is a great deal for me. Finally, I am getting paid from trading. (edited) after 1.5 years I can now just focus on growing as a trader and being able to support myself comfortably. This is a game changer for me.

There is a very real learning curve as a trader.   Those willing and able to withstand the learning curve, work, have ability, and find edge in time can become profitable.

What I have not mentioned yet, is the discussion this trader asked to have with me about whether he ought to continue.  This trader who is now tracking to earn a White Shirt this year was faced with a serious decision about whether to quit or give trading some more time.  I suggested we needed another 6 months of data at the time.  Personally, I thought he was doing just fine.

This trader was making money, although not enough.  Trading was what he loved (some really don’t and ought to move on).  He did the work.  He fit in very well at the firm.  He was improving.  He was showing consistency.  To me it was more just a matter of time before his results would enable him to support himself via trading.

Thankfully, he kept going.  Now the future of being a successful trader is real.

But he seriously wanted input from his Senior Trader and partners about whether he should continue.  I counseled he should and was willing to support this effort.  His Senior Trader voiced he ought to press on.

Often I say to interview candidates it takes 18 months to 2 years to learn if you can make.  You can.  It appears this trader will.   It took 18 months.

For those not 2 years in and not yet seeing your desired results, it might just be a matter of time.

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