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Michael Martin from MartinKronicle.com wrote:

Some of the most insightful things I’ve learned have come from students who didn’t know their backsides from a hole in the ground, but had the guts to ask questions that were way outside the box. And those questions got me thinking. As a teacher I’m better for those questions b/c frankly, I wouldn’t have come up with them on my own. I’ve been around too long to sometimes see the simplicity in things…to my own detriment. This goes for my trading also.

It is common for bloggers to be asked why they share proprietary information. The short answer is because you receive feedback from which you learn. Yesterday is a spot on example of me/us learning from the shared introspection of a blog reader. You expand your learning options by every reader outside your trading firm. Ideas that I co-opt for my desk. Ideas that lead to other ideas. Ideas made better from outside intellectual challenge.

I don’t use this word a lot but I will now. I HATE the trading guru model. I hate it such that it brings physical pain to me upon thought. It offends me as a trader. It is dishonest. It leads many down a path of nonlearning, disappointment, and cynicism. The best Mentors can at best help guide you to find your own answers.

From John Wooden:

I blog because I am introduced to so many new people who teach me. I teach for the same reason. Trading is not a sport you will ever get. You must continually adapt as I wrote about in One Good Trade. And the larger, more diverse, and smarter your community of idea generators the better you will be as a trader.

Mike Bellafiore
Author, One Good Trade

4 Comments on “I Blog I Learn”

  1. I find when you blog, you do learn, for several reasons. A portion of the learning comes from readers comments. Do you find any trends in your blogging when people reply to it more & in turn you learn more from it.

    I just started to blog regularly & I feel I will get more out of it if people commented on it (with hopes of turning into a discussion where others can learn as well).

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