SMB Trade of the Week: PLUG

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Mike Bellafiore, author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade and The PlayBook, talks about his SMB Trade of the Week in $PLUG. This stock was highly in-play this past week, presenting some great trading action which the desk was able to take advantage of. Highlights from this trade: 1) There were many variables involved in this trade – the big picture, technicals, … Read More

A Consolidation Trade ($TDC)

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During SMB’s most recent The PlayBook Checkup with Bella we discuss: A Consolidation Trade ($TDC). This is a basic intraday technical analysis pattern that every developing trader should learn. We discuss: Who cares what $MS thinks about $TDC and how this should affect your trading? A 52-week high is more important than an intraday high in $SPY A news pattern … Read More

Studying Price Patterns: $APC and $RH

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***Editor’s note: Jake Huska is a college student working on his trading game. At SMB we believe traders should start working on their trading game early, just like pro athletes. Jake’s posts reflect a better journey toward becoming a pro trader for the college student with a passion for trading.*** As a trader I am more concerned with price patterns … Read More

The PlayBook Checkup ($TRLA Strong Uptrend)

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Below is our third edition of The PlayBook Checkup with Bella, author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook. During these sessions a new trader from our desk will have a PlayBook trade they archived reviewed by Bella. Attendance is free for SMBU Tools subscribers, who can also ask questions during the event. Watch this review of a Strong Uptrend in $TRLA. Highlights: a) The … Read More

Using The Tape: $PRGO

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Reading the tape is an essential skill for actively day trading.   The tape, also known as the time and sales window, shows the trader important information about order flow.  It is a stream of data on price and volume, which are two important criteria for intra-day trading decisions .  Tape reading takes time to learn and takes practice to understand … Read More