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Just read GMan’s blog about SMB’s Batman night.  I have to add a few thoughts.  1) Watch Batman on an IMax screen.  It is an incredible movie watching experience.  If you live close to NYC or in NYC don’t just go see it on a regular screen.  Go and find an IMax theatre.  If you have already seen in on the dopey small screen go see it again on the IMax.  Every action movie should be shot for the IMax.  It makes the movie so much more enjoyable.

2) I am not sure if I even want to see another movie this summer after Batman.  For 2 1/2 hours I sat with my mouth open in amazement.  No literally my mouth was physically open the entire movie.  Christopher Nolan, the director, is a genius.  Another great movie from him.  The acting was terrific.  The sound.  The visuals.  The jumps from tall buildings.  What a movie!

3) And I am glad we as a desk got to share this experience.  It was one of the best movies I have seen in years.  And Patsy’s makes a great pie, or two if you are Charlie (a story for another blog).

4) One of the lessons from Batman is that you make your own luck.   For the rest of summer we as traders will be challenged to work hard.  Are you going to watch your trading tapes, prepare in the am, sit in your trading seat, and work on getting better everyday as a trader?  Or are you going to mail it in early on most days and succumb to the human temptation of calling it a slow summer trading day?  Making your own luck is all about the former.

I say make your own luck.  And go see Batman on the IMax.

Mike Bellafiore

SMB Capital


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  1. I have to agree with you. iMax is such a breakthrough in watching movies where movements are more precise and has more life compared to a regular theater. Action movies like Batman is just so perfect to be watched in iMax.

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