The unprofessional summer trader

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This is the time when all the tweets and blogs start about hitting the links, or grabbing drinks early, or heading for the beach.  If you have ever traded prop at a big firm you will see seats empty on Friday after 1pm.  There will be many who do not come back from lunch on a Thursday.  Missed Mondays and long … Read More


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Just read GMan’s blog about SMB’s Batman night.  I have to add a few thoughts.  1) Watch Batman on an IMax screen.  It is an incredible movie watching experience.  If you live close to NYC or in NYC don’t just go see it on a regular screen.  Go and find an IMax theatre.  If you have already seen in on … Read More

Summer Trading

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The slow part of the summer is upon us. Seasonally this is the best time to take time off to get ready for another exciting year of trading. August is typically a very slow month in trading, especially the last two weeks of the month. If the volume and volatility is not there, it is not the time to sling … Read More