Rebuilding Confidence

One of our young traders did a nice job today of rebuilding his confidence. He started off the month of August on fire seemingly unable to have a negative day. His confidence grew and he began to take on more risk. I noticed that when he had his first negative day of the month that he overtraded a bit in … Read More

And The Real Reason For That Losing Trade Was……..?

Look at the chart above.  Say you shorted RIMM below 45 and got stopped out at 45.16, develop a reason for this loss and then continue reading. Ok great to have you back with us.  Today during a teaching session Bad A$$ Mike shared a trade he made on the Open getting short RIMM below 45.  Steve whispered in his … Read More

SMB Trade of the Week-MDT

Watch Mike Bellafiore in this short video discuss SMB’s Trade of the Week. SMB’s new video series for StockTwits TV first released exclusively on the iPad, details trading patterns that are consistently used on SMB’s trading desk. Mike Bellafiore, partner at SMB Capital and author of One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading (Wiley), discusses Shorting … Read More

A “Cloud”(y) Day

This AM I tweeted that VMW was a long if it was holding above 80.  VMW got on my radar last night when I saw an article on the WSJ site that it was investing in the “cloud”.  For those of you who aren’t aware of the “cloud” it is the buzz word du jour with respect to technology firms. … Read More

What is Your Big Picture?

Every trader must see their big picture. At SMB we make trading decisions based upon three factors: Reading the Tape, Technical Analysis, and Intraday Fundamentals. We teach our traders to think of a big circle with each of these factors inside. How do you determine your big picture? Today during an informal discussion one of our new SMB Training traders, … Read More

SMB on StockTwitsTV

Steve appeared on StockTwitsTV to discuss the Market and the stocks in play for the day.